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Who are you?
We are a group of concerned and serious libertarians who understand that it is often necessary to initiate force to protect the innocent from aggression and use fraud to maintain an honest, open society. We believe very strongly in libertarian ideals, and understand that to secure peace we must at times wage war, and that our liberties are sometimes the price we pay for freedom.

What is the LFF position on gun control?
We believe in the inalienable right to bear arms for all individuals. That being said, government restrictions and even prohibitions on certain weapons and who can own them are only reasonable for the maintenance of a free, orderly society.

What is the LFF position on drug legalization?
Individuals should be allowed to put what they want in their own bodies. However, LFF realizes that it is foolish to allow people to prey on the addictions of others. Drug abuse needs to be addressed by society as a health and law enforcement issue. Obviously, dealing hard drugs is a serious offense.

What are LFF’s economic views?
Business should be free to operate and to offer goods and services to those who want them. However, we at LFF are realistic, and we understand the danger of monopoly in a marketplace without reasonable regulations. We know that a free market depends on strong regulations for quality control, in labor practices, and in the form of wage and price controls. If businesses could charge whatever they wanted, and pay whatever they wanted to their employees, the market would no longer be free and competitive. Furthermore, the workings of the free market require the existence of a market in the first place. We recognize that for a market even to exist, it needs to rest on a solid foundation of supports such as corporate-government relationships, agricultural subsidies, strict trade quotas and restrictions, patents and copyrights, licensing standards to keep irresponsible business interests out of the market, and of course state-owned firms in industries such as communications, energy, and utilities that are too crucial to be left to the anarchistic private sector. We do, however, believe strongly in capitalism and business, and believe that, while some economic ventures are so sensitive and important that we all most pay part of the cost with our tax dollars, the businessmen who profit from them deserve every penny they earn. 

Does LFF have any view on racial profiling or even the reinstitution of internment of certain ethnic groups for national security?
We deplore the idea of rounding people up, based on their race or religion, and exterminating them by firing squad or other means. That said, we understand the difficulty in establishing a libertarian society, complete with the proper amount of force and fraud, without there first being a sort of “cultural revolution.” Fellow libertarians who do not grasp the need for force and fraud are among the greatest threats to liberty, and so we propose dealing with them on some night with a bunch of long knives involved. Obviously, liberals, socialists, and other authoritarians have no place in a truly free society, and so they should eventually be made to attend compulsory schooling centers, where hopefully they can be reeducated. If they fail to understand Chicago economics at that point, we must consider a more drastic, final solution.

Is there an LFF position on immigration?
We understand the very controversial nature of the immigration issue, and so we seek an immigration policy that will be equally acceptable to everyone. Immigrants are a nuisance and a threat to our cultural fabric, as they bring with them alien ideologies, undesirable genetics, and venereal diseases. That said, America is a nation of immigrants, who provide healthy contributions to our nation, and so immigration should be encouraged as a way to constantly improve and diversify America. We propose a complete and indefinite moratorium on immigration, and demand that those immigrants entering America illegally shall be shot on sight at the border. Once they make it across, and pass the test of true patriotism, they shall receive free education, health care, housing, food, and whatever else they need to live comfortably in our society. They deserve it.

Is there an LFF position on abortion?
Understanding that abortion is a sensitive issue, we seek not to alienate one side simply to placate another. We also understand the arguments on both sides of the issue regarding federalism. We believe that abortion is not an issue where the federal government should impose the same solution on every state, but we also believe that it is far too important an issue to let each state government decide without any guidance from national consensus. We suggest a compromise, whereby in all states West of the Mississippi River, abortion should be punishable by death. In all states east of the Mississippi River, abortion should be subsidized, and, in fact, mandated, by penalty of death, for all families who already have one child. We hope by depoliticizing the issue, and reaching this compromise, no one will feel more alienated than anyone else.

​Such is the LFF way.